Помогите сделать номер 6В срочно надо завтра уже сдавать рабббббббботууууу)))заранее спасибо


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Cat or house cat - a pet, one of the most popular "companion animals"
Cat - feline mammal of the order Carnivora.
Being a single hunter of rodents and other small animals, the cat - a social animal uses to communicate a wide range of audio signals as well as pheromones and body movements.
Currently, there are about 600 million pet cats, put about 256 breeds of long-haired (Persian cat) to hairless (Sphinx), recognized and recorded by different feline organizations.
WEA kitten care is not particularly complex, it needs to be fed regularly with fresh food, wash, clean up after him the tray and just love to caress. If you think that the kitten got sick, then you should immediately turning to the vet.