1.Put in the correct form of the verb to be.

1) His birthday ______ celebrated last Sunday.

2) The girls' backpacks _____ carried by the boys.

3) Mitya ______ bullied by Vasya and Petya.

4) When ______ mobile phones invented?

5) How many phone calls _____ made yesterbay?

2. Put the verds in brackets in the Passive voice and complete the sentences.

1) Millions of books ______ in Russia last year. (publish)

2) The rind ______ to the clan. ( show)

3) ______ the dog ______ at 6 a.m.? (walk)

4) The coffee ______ by my granny. ( make)

5) When ______ the telephone ______?( invent)

3. Translate info English.

1) Письмо написали вчера.

2) Ключи потеряли в библиотеке.

3) Елку нарядили 20 декабря.

4) Окна не помыли на прошлой неделе.

5) Еду купили вчера

6) Домашняя работа не была сделана вчера.

4. Change the sentences from the Active voice to the Passive voice

1) People decorate their houses for Christmas in England

2) They send millions of Christmas greetings by e-mail.

3) They build a lot of houses in Moscow every year.

4) He reads this newspaper every bay.

5) They don't wash the streets every day.

6) They are usihg a new computer program is in this project.

7) English readers observe due dates.

5. Put the verbs in brackets in the Passive voice.

1) Mobile phones ______ by millions of people. (use)

2) When ______ Bonfire Night ______ in England? (celebrate)

3) A lot of animals ______ every year. (kill)

4) What berries ______ in your garden? (grow)

5) On Bonfire Night a figure of the guy ______ on top of a bonfire. (put)


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№ 3

1)Wrote a letter yesterday.

2)Keys lost in the library.

3)Dressed Christmas tree on December 20.

4)The windows are not washed last week.

5)Meals bought yesterday

6)Homework was not done yesterday.