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Я сделала рекламы к кроссовкам NICE:

Oh no! Today I have a workout in athletics, and in the street ... 35 This hot weather! But not all lost! After all, in hot weather there is a special hot shoe! Nice Sneakers absorb hot air and ventilation for hot same age! Now, you're going to love their ... Training for the crosses!



На часы:

How much time?
Paul pelmen!
- Oh no! Today I need to audition for the role, and I don `t know the time!
- All is not lost!
- I mean *
- You can go to the Internet
- And!
- Please be there ebau.ru
- This site will change everything!
- Buy Online!
-Yes! I did it!
- ** Bell ** Delivery is complete!
- Soon the sample, I ran
- ** The test **
- Yes! I confirmed for the lead role!
- All this with ebau.ru!