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Ну шаблонные фразы ты наверное знаешь, адрес, потом
Dear Paul,
Thank you for your letter. I was glad to get it. Sorry for not writing. I was very busy.
In your letter you write, that you and your friend are doing a project. So, I can help you. First of all, we have a large crowds of people and it makes our life a bit difficult . Than, there are a lot of traffic jams every day, and it is difficult to go to the university or to work by your own car. We have to stand up earlier and to go by underground . And the most serious problem is smog in summer. We will not able to go to the street, because we can 't even breathe.
And now about your new book. Is it interesting? What is the main idea of this book? What heroes did you like mostly?
I hope you will write me soon.
Best wishes,
Твое имя.
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