Write 5 sentences about things you are/were used to doing, 5 things that you are/were not used to doing and Good luck!)


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Можешь написать наверно одним текстом, то есть так:

While having lived abroad I was used to making friends via internet because people surrounding me were not the type I could get along with well. Now, after returning home, I got used to getting acquainted with every person from my educational establishment that i like . There I was also used to getting up very early in the morning and cooking breakfast myself, because I had noone to do that for me. I was used to keeping silent most of the time because the language spoken in that country was very hard for me to learn so people surrounding me there would have not understood me. I was used to writing letters to my family every week. Now that I've returned home I've suddenly found out that I'm not used to doing a number of things everyone around usually do. For example, I'm not used to reading books, I'm not used to buying newspapers in the morning and moving around in the bus. I wasn't also used to running in the morning, but I'm getting used to it step by step.


а можешь написать так:

1. I'm used to talking to her all the time even about the most meaningless things.

2. I'm used to washing my hair every day.

3. My dad was a great fan of box so I was used to shouting at the television.

4. I was used to laughing at jokes I didn't understand.

5. I'm used to playing with my dog in the park at Mondays.


1. I'm not used to cooking something that takes longer than a few minutes.

2. I wasn't used to thinking of myself as a surgeon yet.

3. I wasn't used to interpreting French so I guess I've missed a few words.

4. I'm not used to having so much stress in my daily life.

5. I'm not used to doing such cruel things daily.