Ребят помогите написать текст на тему " Как живут дети в неблагополучных семьях? или какую-нибудь несчастную историю, произошедшую в неблагополучной семье. Нужно описать как голодают дети, плохо одеваются, часто болеют, ходят грязные! 80-100 слов


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People have been feeling pity for poor children since time immemorial. I know that many children who have good parents don't think about poor teenagers. More over children of rich parents want much more day by day. And the same there are needy children who don't have anything even food in every day life. They are hungry when they sleep and get up. Poor children often have poor parents who don't work and have bad habits. Their parents don't think about their own children because they are addicted from drugs or alcohol. They are seek people.  That is why their children suffer all life. Children are ashamed of their own parents who look like out- of- date. Very often poor children are grown- up and have the same poor families. And it is impossible stopping.