Помогите написать сочинение Why I like or don't like Russian TV? На английском 15-20 предложений


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Hello! First of all I'll start from that:
Notice, I'm patriot of my country and in general I always say only good things about Russia. I probably like Russian tv. You can hear the truth, while you are listening to such Chanel's as RBK or Russia Today. But I wouldn't trust such Chanel's as Russia 1, Perviy chanel. Most of things that they say are false, which is simply not respectable for citizens of Russia. Everyday on any Chanel you can see some pretty people, who can make your mood be at least a little better. There are different things to watch. Starting from cartoons up to some economical news, or whatever.. If you won't watch some stupid tv shows like "holidays in Mexico" or "Dom 2", you'll be able to enjoy some tv programs like "Univer" or whatever you like.. And you know. Better you don't watch tv, but go to have some fun with your friends! =)