Помогите ответить на вопросы и задание сделать во вложениях ; 1) Where were the tourists? 2) What season was it ? 3) Where did they like to eat ? Что бы ответить на вопросы вам может понадобиться текст ; Текст По буквам ; a.b.c.d D) Respect the Uzbek rules ,their way of life,and the country's natural beauty. To understand the country the best thing to do is visit a choyhona. In the choyhona you can meet a lot of interesting people, get advise ,eat ,drink and even sleep. .a) We like to beauty of the country , the food is cheap and the sun's always shining . The grass is green and the threes are in blossom . Oh, and we like the colourful national costumes. I'm going to buy a duppi and a chopon tom take home. People is America will love them. C) We started the day with a tour of Samarkand , visited an old mosque , and went shopping in the bazar . We had dinner in one of hundreds of small resturants in the side streets. B) The culture and the people ,who are friendly, kind and caring. You really notice that people are open. The other amazing thing is the respect they have for older people and their love of children .


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1.The tourists were in Uzbekistan, they visited an old mosque,a choyhona, went shopping in the bazar

2.It was summer

3.They like to eat in a choyhona

amazing - прилагательное