ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS. 1)What can you buy at the baker's? 2)What can you buy at the butcher's? 3)Don't You buy sweets at the greengrocer's,don't you? 4)Where can you buy sour cream? 5)Where can you buy fish? помогите,отблагадарю:)


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1. At the baker's you can buy different kinds of bakery such as cookies, cakes, cupcakes or just bread.

2. At the butcher's you can buy everything that is related to the meat industry - beef, pork, mutton or offal.

3. No, I don't. At the greengrocer you can't buy anything except greens, such as green onions, parsley, fennel or salad. When I need to buy sweets, I usually visit the candy store (confectioner's).

4. Anyone can buy sour cream at the dairy shop.

5. You can buy fish at the fisher's. It's called the fish shop usually. Sometimes fish can be bought at the supermarket.