Помогите написать сообщение по английскому на тему: Могут ли социальные сети заменить реальное общение. Слов 200-250, заранее спасибо


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There are people of different categories: someone sits in front of the computer day and night, communicating with someone, downloading something, in general, "lives" in the Internet; for someone the computer and the Internet serve only for work; and someone sits and simply communicates with thousand people.
     Sitting down at the computer, the person plunges into the virtual world world of unreal opportunities. Certainly, communicating staying at home, or, being in different regions people can see each other via cameras. It means that everything changes, appears something new, something is improved. But even if people also can see each other at distance is can't replace live communication.
     Communication between people is the most remarkable that is given us in this life. Here present that the whole world ceased to communicate in reality: grandmothers ceased to sit on shops and mastered the computer, streets became empty and the whole world plunged into virtual life where it is possible to communicate being online day and night. After all now there are so-called virtual shops where as it is possible to get everything and it isn't necessary to go anywhere! Sitting in such atmosphere, it seems to me, the person will be bothered by such life. It will want to it something real: to see a smile native and friends, to walk in favourite places of the city, and to find new acquaintances in real life. After all the Internet can't replace all, so and live communication too!
     So, as we found out, the Internet doesn't bring any benefit for the person, so and can't replace live communication!