Нужен текст на тему "You are what you eat"
Пожалуйста,найдите хотя бы инфу-перевод сама сделаю.Очень прошу!


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It`s important to person to know what he eats and when. The bad food spoil our stomach, generally - all our organism. If we eat junk food not too much not every day our organism will be able cope with it. But if we bagan to eat it every day or every even week, our organism will not cope with torrent of bad ingredients. 

 Our body will fell bad, we will  feel tiredness, pains in heart, slowness in moves.

In the end we can have problems with appendicitis. It is hard to fell bad.

    It`s equally important to eat in definite time. In the morning our organism use much of energy to wake up, begin doing some moves. It means to eat the biggest part of day`s meal in the morning. But in the evening our organism is getting to sleep. Metabolism bacome slower. It means don`t eat too much in the evening.


 don`t eat junk food. Do more morning exercise, walking, studing. And you will not have time to eat it.


It seems like everyone is always talking about food, and what you should and shouldn't eat. 'Junk' food and 'healthy' food – what does it all mean? Is it really important?

Yes!! Healthy eating can make you look different and feel different. This topic will tell you about the various food groups, why they are important, and how to put all the information together for healthy eating. And don’t worry, even small changes in the way you eat can make a difference!!

Benefits of healthy eating
There are some effects of healthy eating that you will notice pretty quickly. For example, a healthy diet can:

- Help you keep a healthy body weight.
- Give you more energy to enjoy all kinds of physical activity, like surfing, football, netball or dancing.
- Support your body while you are growing and developing so that you reach your full physical potential.
- Some studies suggest that what you eat affects your mood. A good balanced diet will make sure you have all the essential nutrients needed for your brain to function well.

There are also some benefits that you may not notice straight away, but are worth thinking about. Scientific evidence shows that a healthy diet can help you avoid diet-related diseases. These are diseases that usually develop when people are over the age of 40. Healthy eating now can reduce the risks of developing these diseases later on!