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A Give news about yourself and other people to a friend of yours. Use the words given to make sentences in the Present Perfect Tense.
Example: My sister/get married. —My sister has got married

1.I/find/a new job. 2. My father/retire. 3. Jane and Mike/go to work/to Australia. 4. I/buy/a new motorcycle. 5. My niece/start to walk. 6. The Browns/move/to another town. 7. Jack's Grandpa/die. 8. I/join/another football club. 9. Nick and Rita/divorce. 10. John/receive/ a fortune, he/become/a millionaire.
В Ask your friend who is in the USA questions about what he or his relatives have seen or done (use the Present Perfect Tense).
Example: You/have/a good journey? — Have you had a good journey?
1. You/already/see/the Great American Lakes? 2. You/be/to Broadway? 3. Mike/manage to see/the Statue of Liberty? 3. What/new places/your brother/show to you? 4. Ann/visit/the White House? 5. Your father/get/ promotion? 6. You/receive/your driving license? 7. Your
brother/change/a car? 8, What kind of house/you/buy1
С Say what you or your friends have not done yet (year, month, etc.).
Example: I/not be/to the theatre/this month. — / have not been to the theatre this month,
1. Sue/not read/Gone with the Wind/yet. 2. Jill/not enter/London University/this year. 3. Larry/not produce/ a new film/yet. 4. Peggy and Paul/not move/to another flat this month. 5. Pete/not finish/his project yet. 6. My cousin/not get married/this month. 7. Mrs. Brown/not recover/yet. 8. They/not go/on business/this week.


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1.I have found a new job. My father has retired.3.Jane and Mike have gone to work to Australia.4.I have bought a new motorcycle.5.My niece has started to work. 6.The Browns have moved to another town.7,Jack's Grandpa have died.8.I have joined another football club.9.Nick and Rita have divorced,10.John has received a fortune,he has become a millionaire.

1.Have you already seen the Great American Lakes?2.Have you been to Broadway?3.Has Mike managed to see the Statue of Liberty?4.Has Ann visited the White House?5.Have your fatehr got promotion?6.Have you received you driving license?7.Has your broher changed a car?8.What king of house have you bought?


1Sie hasn't read Gone with the Wind yet.2.Jill hasn't entered london University this year.3.Larry hasn't produced a new film yet. 4.Peggy and Paul haven't moved to ahother flat this month. 5.Pete hasn't finished his project yet. 6.My cousin hasn't got married this month.7.Mrs. Brown hasn't recovered yet.8.They haven't gone on business this week.