Английский язык Михеева Афанасьева 6 класс,СРОЧНО НУЖНА ПОМОЩЬ!!! Упр.15 стр.254. Say: 1)what people usually borrow; 2)how teachers and parents encourage small children; 3)what can be private; 4)why your holiday often depends on hotel and bus(train) service; 5)where you can usually see crowds of people in summer and in other seasons; 6)when people usually retire from work; 7)what were the most important political events in our contry last year; 8)how people can show their wisdom; 9)which characters of your favorite books spent their childhood in poverty; 10)what people usually do to open a door.ПОЖАЛУЙСТА ПОМОЩЬ СРОЧНО СЕГОДНЯ!!!


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1) They usually speak with their friends or their family, they usually watch TV, they usually read books or magazines.

2) Parents give them some sweets or chocolates, buy them a toy, go with them to the zoo. Teachers give them good marks, exempt them from homework.

3) Private can be mysteries or secrets, it can be secret things too.

4) My holiday often depends on hotel and bus (train) service because this is the perfect holiday.

5) I can see they on vacation, at the beach, near the sea or in stores.

6) When boss are poorly paid or not paid, do not give bonuses and vacations, working seven days a week.

7) Vladimir Putin became  a president.

8) They can say something wise, to help other people or learn a long poem or a story by heart.

9) Character Alyosha of the story of Maxim Gorky's  "Childhood" spent his childhood in poverty.

10) They usually look through the peephole and asked "Who's there?" and then open the door.