Rewrite the sentences with the words in brackets in the right place.

Example:Have you been to Scotland (ever)? -Have you ever been to Scotland?

1.My friend has had a bird's-eye view of the city (never).Let's take her to the London Eye.

2.Let's make an apple pie.I have bought green apples, eggs and some flour (already).

3.The group of tourists has turned left (just).

4.The children have visited the London Zoo (recently). They liked the monkeys.

6.What have you done (lately)

7.You have seen a UFO, haven't you (just)? - Are you sure?

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Ответы и объяснения


1)my friend has never had...

2)...i have already bought....

3)the group of the tourists has just turned left

4)the children have recently visited...

6)what have you done lately

7)you have just seen a ufo...

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