Помогите, нужно вставить пропущеные слова( 1 слово- 1 пропуск)

London became the administrative capital of Britain mainly because it was the largest and most important city in the country. However, before becoming capital of Spain in 1561, Madrid was not a major city, or (1)_____ a large town. For centuries, the capital of Spain (2)______ considered to be wherever the Spanish monarch and his court lived. For many years, Toledo was the capital and today the 'old city', (3)_____ its beautiful castle and cathedral, is a World Heritage Site. (4)_____ Toledo, Seville became the next capital, another city full of beautifull (5)______ historic architecture. So why, in 1561, (6)_____ king

Philip || of Spain decide to choose Madrid (7)______ the new capital? There was no cathedral there , no university , no trade - nothing of interest (8)_____ all. Its only real quality was its location in the very centre (9)______ the country. Philip decided this was the only way he could be in a position to govern all of his kingdom.


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