Ребята, выручайте, очень срочно!!! Напишите небольшой топик о проблемах подростков.

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what a typical situation with drinking, smoking and drug taking in the place where you live is

if your friends and classmates are more or less prepared for the future life

what your friends' usual pastimes are

what your friends' most important home life problems are


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Nowadays there are many global problems in our world but also we have such new problem of twenty first century This problem called childrens" or teenagers" problem. At the one side it seems not to be so dangerous however when they grow up they can break the balance of our society. In 16-17 years they are not prepared to the future life.They start  smoking and taking  drugs.Always shout at nights and so on...


You are stupid if you still do not understand that drugs - is death!
                                                                                            Ian Mandela.
        The problem of drug addiction among teenagers appeared before the public in a cruel and terrible guise, and our state become enemy number one. Until a few decades ago, we believed that such an infection, as the drugs will not affect us, but now the threat has taken a global scale in the world and came to our state.
       Why do people take drugs? I think people are using drugs calculated to cheer and relax and this gradually leads to the fact that they have become dependent on the dreaded "potions." I think that drug users - people with no future, they only think about the drug, which destroys their brain, lungs, liver, and the thought of him take power and intelligence.
        Many teens try drugs in the company that makes the guys that can sometimes give neither family nor school: emotional support, acceptance, a sense of safety and acceptance. In their midst is that smoking and using drugs - it's cool. But you need to have self-confidence, independent thinking, strength of spirit, to oppose this environment. Any girl will think, if he knows that she will have to grovel for daily dose before every dirty scum on the market. Any boy in the nick of time really want to live, but it will be too late. Addicts are ruining not only their lives and health, they are capable of any crime, even before the murder, just to get the drug.
       I believe that our society should maintain a tough fight against this terrible evil. In our country and abroad, create a lot of health centers, treating drug addiction. If, during the turn there, a man's life can be saved. To fully recover a person needs a sincere desire and the love and support of family help in the difficult struggle with the disease.
        Traitor - not the one who noticed the problem of a loved one, will pick up on your feet all around in search of help, a traitor who will leave him with the problem of one-on-one and will not give a chance to survive.
         Addiction is guilty not only to modern mankind, she was guilty and to future generations of people!