Текст на тему "Как я провела весенние каникулы" среднего-большого размера, "Путешествие" или "Украина". Помогите, пожалуйста, это срочно!


Ответы и объяснения



      Today is the last day of my spring holidays and I want to tell about my last week. We went to Yalta with our class. I was in the Crimea for the first time and Yalta impressed me very much. We visited Vorontsov Palace,  Livadia Palace, Nikitsky Botanical Garden and others. Every day we had interesting excursions and were  fun.

    On Friday we came back home and I decided to organize a little party  at home. My mother helped me. I invited  my friends. The party had its theme ''April Fool's Day''. The weather was great and we celebrated in our garden. We played games, wore funny costumes and sang popular songs. This holiday I appointed on Saturday because on Sunday I had to prepare for school.

   My spring holidays lasted only a week, but they left a lot of good memories.