Напишите 9 предложений о программе обмена на английском языке, то есть как это всё здорово, можно заводить новых друзей увидеть достопримечательности лучше подучить язык и всё такое. помогите пожалуйста, при этом вы - ученик из россии


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Travelling is the best way to relax, to learn about other's people culture, lifestyle. It'e even better if we go by an exchange program, we can both travel and improve our english skills. There are a lot of views besides this topic, some of them are pozitive, others are negative, I think that it;s very  usefull. For example, we can meet new people, we can spend our time with them, change our opinions on some topings, be cam just listen their speech and improve our english. We can also see lots of attractions of those cities, we can visit different museums, galleries, expositions, different very famous squares, wich are known all over the world. We can learn other people's culture, how they live, and maybe we will think what cganges does we need in our country or in our own life. We can hear correct english speech in those countries, it's beautiful and sound melodic. That's why I think that we should travel by different english exchange programs :)
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