помогите написать сообщение по англ языку на тему про велосипеды... полезны ли они или нет


Ответы и объяснения


Doctors say that it is very useful to ride a bike. Is this actually the case. Turning the pedals on the bike we have continuously reduced and relax the muscles of the legs. And this in turn helps to strengthen the heart, lungs and improve circulation of the blood.

I more and more often lately, I notice that the people who spend the whole week sitting at a table at the monitor in the weekend trying to go out to the nature, and not on the machine, but on a Bicycle. Yes, and now bicycles are not such as they were before. When I remember bike Ukraine was considered to be the most popular. And almost all of it is buying it. Now in the sale of a variety of choice. And by weight and in its capabilities bikes now and it is easier and more comfortable.

What pleasure we get from the sight of the beautiful landscapes being on the nature. The only thing that can spoil the trip is rain.

If there is no time and no desire to buy a bike and ride on nature, you can buy an exercise bike and pedaling without leaving their homes. You can adjust the resistance of the bike so that in addition to motion on a flat surface you mock more and up the hill, you will gain full compliance ride this bike. By the way bikes are a very popular destination because you can go in any time of the day and in any weather. And again here we can observe the many parameters, control your state, pulse, and even blood pressure. And this is important for older people and people with diseases of the cardio - vascular system.