Люди помогите мне!! ответьте на вопросы к тексту)во вложениях!буду благодарна


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1. The town of Oxford is famous all over the world because of Oxford University, the oldest and most famous university in Britain.

2. Oxford University justified its reputation of privileged school because many prominent political figures of past and present times got their education at Oxford.

3. Oxford University Press is the publishing house which prodeces the Oxford English Dictionary has a special department called the Oxford World and Language Service.


1. Cambridge is famous for its university, the second oldest university in Britain.

2. In Cambridge University there are more than twenty colleges. The oldest college is Peterhouse. The most recent college was opened in 1977. The most famous college is King's college. It is famous for its magnificent chapel.

3. Every year, in summer, one of the biggest festivals of folk music in England is held in Cambridge.