Fill in the blanks with do, does, is, or are.

1. Where she work?

2. When you finish school?

3. Why you like that movie?

4. When the game?

5. What your brother's name?

6. Where my jacket?

7. How old your parents?

8. When Dan eat dinner?

9. What the answer to question number 5?

10. How the boys like the class?

Fill in the blanks with do, does, is, are.

1. Where you live?

2. How you?

3. When they come to school?

4. Where she work?

5. Why Kim sad?

6. Who your teacher?

7. What their names?

8. Who you sit with in class?

9. When the boys go to sleep?

10. How Tom like his new car?


Ответы и объяснения


1. Where does   she work? 

2. When   do      you finish school? 

3. Why    do     you like that movie? 

4. When   is       the game? 

5. What    is        your brother's name?

6. Where  is         my jacket? 

7. How        old are  your parents? 

8. When     does         Dan eat dinner? 

9. What     is        the answer to question number 5? 

10. How  do          the boys like the class? 




1. Where  do    you live? 

2. How    are    you? 

3. When   do       they come to school? 

4. Where  does         she work? 

5. Why     is     Kim sad?

6. Who    is    your teacher? 

7. What   are      their names? 

8. Who   do         you sit with in class? 

9. When     do     the boys go to sleep? 

10. How    does    Tom like his new car?