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Then he had breakfast and dressed up.
He went to work by bus.
He took the 8:15 train and got to work at 8:30
On his way home he bought  some newspapers to read at home.
He came home at 5:30 pm and had dinner.After dinner he heard his dog's "bow-bow" and took it for a walk. At home he took his newspaper and learnt about new things around the town.he didn't like to watch TV.He went to bed at 10:30 pm
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Hello Dima!!!
How are you doing???How is your sister??And your parents?
Last week I had Christmas holidays.I was at home.My sister and i decorated our Christmas tree.My mum and my sister made a wonderful cake.Almost all the time i was playing snowballs with my friends.I also made a snowman.And in the evening i watched TV.I liked my holidays very much.And what about you?How did you spend your Christmas holidays?
  Best wishes,Nick.


Yesterday Victor took the second place in the race and got a medal
Yesterday Ken took the third place in the race and got a medal
Yesterday Bob took the fourth place in the race ( but he didn't get a medal).-они вроде медали не получили,поэтому я написала,что не получили
Yesterday Dan took the fifth place in the race ( but he didn't get a medal).

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здесь задание просто написать ,что ты не сделал,?(задания не видно)

i didn't visit many interesting places,

i didn't hear a real indian music,
i didn't buy any souvenirs,

i didn't take any photos


2)What was the weather like last summer?
3)Who did you see last summer?
4)What did you learn last summer?
5)What did you hear last summer?
6)What did you buy last summer?
7)What did you take last summer?
8)How did you come last summer?
9)Did you like last summer?

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7)took a lot of photos
8) came home
9)had a wonderful time


I didn't go to India last summer.