Writing a short story , например написать ситуацию ,где вы когда -то или не вы, кто-то другой были в опасности. Например: a storm or a fire (шторм или пожар ) a problem on a mountain or at sea (проблемы на горах или на море) a meeting with a wild animal(встреча с диким животным) your own ideas. Пример на картинке ,если вы не сможете написать на английском ,то можно на русском ,я сама переведу ,пж очень нужно, фантазия вообще потерялась просто!


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One sunny day me and my friend were sailing across the Pacific ocean.We should sailed from Canada to Russia. We were just 20 years old. When you are young you feel free you think that you can do anything and you are the king of the world. So we wanted some adventures. Our good frien lived in Toronto, so came there by plane.

Our first day in Canada was very funny.We met our friend - Scott. We knew a lot og this country and at the same day we decided that we will go to the USA after week in Canada.

But when we were on the way to hotel( we couldn't live at Scott's house). Scott was chased by huge dog. We didn't know what to do. We tried to find something to kill dog but we couldn't. 

While we trying to find weapon dog go away and when we came Scott was senseless. It waas a terrible injury on his arm. We should took him into the hospital.

 So after an hour in ambulance car and in queue to make documents Scott was on operation. 

Doctor said that we should pay 100 000 canadian dollors for operation and treatment because Scott didn't have medicak insurance. We were shocked we wern't rich.

But we find one criminal man who said that would give us mony if we bring to Russia by the ship 5 kg of drugs. We didn't have any other variants so now we sailing across the Pacific ocean and nobody knows how that's story will end...