Выбрать подходящее слово ( одно из двух) по смыслу Every family has unique and treasured family traditions and stories. The oldest members of extended families are often the keepers of these | (I)reaches / riches and pass them from generation to generation. The I greater the (2) communication / connection with the generations that came I before, the more traditions and stories there are to (3) divide / share with the next generation. | Family traditions (4) exchange / vary from culture to culture and family to family. They may include recipes, holiday celebrations, songs, books, or games. These traditions are the (5) legacy / way one generation can leave for the next. But traditions can mean so much more, when the older members of the family share the stories behind the traditions, the reasons why the family tradition exists. Family stories help to provide valuable perspective and understanding of the past and the present, as well as strengthen family (6) power / ties across the ages. One way to capture these stories is through oral history. Oral history is a method of gathering and preserving historical infor mation through interviews. For families, it is a wonderful way for young people to interview older relatives about their (7) credible / personal stories, family history, and cultural traditions. Through oral history interviews and conversations, older relatives give children a better understanding of who they and their family are and the forces that shaped the family's (8) form / identity. Children and youth give older relatives love, time, and the knowl edge that they and their (9) experiences / lives are valued. Sharing stories through oral history is also fun, but preparation is needed to make sure it is successful. Make sure to take time to prepare, plan ques tions in advance, respect the schedules and privacy of older relatives, and think (10) ahead / on about ways to help the older relatives feel comfortable talking about the past. Older children and youth should take (11) notice / notes and following the interview, write down the stories they learned from their older relatives. Younger children can draw pictures or make collages illustrating the stories they heard. Young people can tap into their creativity by composing poems, songs, or skits based on their conversations with older relatives. The whole family can get (12) involved/ prepared by performing the song, skit, or play that portrays the family stories.


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1 riches

2 connection

3 share

4 vary

5 legacy



































riches connection share vary legacy power personal identity experiences on notes involved