Напишите мини сочинение примерно из 5-6 предложений на английском про свою квартиру напишите пж.....заранее спасибо


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My Flat.

My flat is not far from the centre of the town, but not in it. My flat is not very big, but it is very comforable. It has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a kichen. My parents have the biggest bedroom, i have the second biggest bedroom. Our bathroom is small, but is is very cute. We have many plants in our home. In the kichen we have table, 4 chears, refrigirator and tv. In y room i have the table, bed and T.V.. I like my apartment, because i live in it for a long time and can't emagine my life in another house.

Как то немного странно получилось, но я старалась как могла:))