Ребят помогите надо описать друга по английски, вот критерии,на каждый пункт 4 предложения в среднем


Ответы и объяснения


Ну откуда же мы знаем, какой у тебя друг. Впрочем...


I want to tell you about my friend, Mike.

Mike is tall and curly-headed. His skin is pale, and his eyes are green. He likes to wear casual clothes, and his favourite colour of clothing is blue.

He is kind-hearted and open. He likes to communicate with other people, and he likes parties and meetings with his friend. Also Mike is very talkative lad. When he is interested in the topic of the conversation, nothing can stop him from speaking.

We like to play football together, and he thinks, that he is better in it. Also we like to read books, and we exchange them after having read, have long discussions about the plot and the meaning.

In spite of the fact that we're friends, sometimes we argue with each other. In most cases the reason for our quarrels is his garrulity - he just can't hold his tongue!