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My favorite season is summer. Warmth, flowers, fruit, holiday, lots of free time and, of course, rest. That's what the summer. How many plans for everyone! But, unfortunately, this time passes quickly. The impression is that the warmer days, the faster they run, taking with them wonderful memories of summer days. Every day leaves something good in memory, which will then remember the cold winter evenings. Some may argue that the summer is quickly bored, bored in the summer, because friends had left, do nothing. But this is not the case. Even if you're staying in town, you can always find an opportunity to do what you like: museums, exhibitions, park, river, summer, reading favorite books, repair in your room, to help parents and much more. The main thing - to find something to do for everyone. I look forward to the summer, because in the summer you can relax with their parents or friends. For me, summer has always been associated with the sea, with unforgettable travel, with trips into the countryside.