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What can you say about the "Titanic"? Probably it is necessary to begin with the fact that it is the most beautiful love story, shown against the background of the deadly drama. The history of the true feelings of the two young hearts, which are not destined to be together. A landmark picture, forced to watch millions of viewers with a sinking heart. This film has all what can enjoy a true gourmet, and there is nothing to which can severely ill-fated critic.

"Titanic" is a real masterpiece of cinema, with the sign of quality. Not afraid to even say that it is the best work of James Cameron, which I had seen. The film, which brought the final triumph of the Director, and the incredible glory of actor's composition, including the performers of the main roles - Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

On the methods of filming the movie is not possible to keep silent. Scope was incredible. Moreover, the layout of the steamship was built in "almost full" value, as well as during the works over the last scene of the film has been used by more than 100 tons of water. But it was worth it, despite the fact that the Director in his interviews said: "Well, think about it, the events occurred in 1912, the movie was more than three hours, in the end, all died - as a film could become successful?". If it was irony, or James Cameron seriously thought about the possible loss of future tapes - he was wrong. For the "Titanic", didn't just beat all records possible cash charges century, "Titanic" became the first film in the history of collecting in the world, more than 1 billion dollars.

Ultimately gathering 1, 8 billion, before the movie could not reach neither one of retirees in the future projects in the period of 12 years. Exactly, until James Cameron again not released another of his brainchild, under the name of "Avatar." But this is a completely different story...

Probably, this film had seen everything, and I need not go into the details of the plot, but even if someone has not had the chance to see this unique of its kind in the tape, I want to provide it: personally, to get pleasure from the viewer. 

In "Titanic" - no flaws, the only exceptions may be some historical inaccuracies, but we didn't documentary films are going to evaluate? Game of the troupe of actors at the highest level. Camera work at the highest level. The scenery and special effects at the highest level. Scenario and staging, too, at the highest level. The film, does not cause any claims and issues. It is this factor, and shows what is the difference between a true masterpiece of imaginary brethren. ПРО ТИТАНИК