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My bedroom is great! It is very big and there is a lot of furniturein it. Everything is blue in my bedroom and I call it the bloom room. I've got a big bed, a desk, a chair, a wardrobe. My desk is under window. There is a big poster behind my bed. I like my bedroom very much.


In my room there are two beds, on the one I was dreaming, and the second my sister So well in my room there are two tables,in them we with my sister doing home task,draw,read and something else like that IN my room still has a window,all the time when I watch it I see our beautiful courtyard,where all the time I hear the laughter of the children,as they are all having fun,it's so nice to listen to. Back in my room on the floor is a beautiful carpet. it depicts a coloured pieces There are colors:brown,black,grey,white, and all that sort of dark off-while++. Else in my room there is a large cupboard,it is a lot of things,there is a small closet which is called the box,and yet there is a bedside table which hangs on the wall,there are books,magazines,statues and all that sort of thing. that's probably all that I have described his room.