Написать по 10 предложений в Past Continuous и Present Continuous

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I was reading book yesterday.
I was cooking this sweet cake yesterday evening.We were playing tennis yesterday.
He was playing the computer game yesterday evening.
She was playing chess with her grandfather yesterday evening.
She was doing her honework yesterday at 5 o'clock.
He was going to the river with his friends yesterday at 3 o' clock.
He was riding on the hors.e yesterday.
She was speaking about this boy yesterday morning.
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Past Continuous


was  playing computer games at five o'clock yesterday.

He was  playing computer games from two till three yesterday.

We were  playing  computer games the whole evening yesterday.

was not sleeping at nine o'clock yesterday.

My sister was not playing the pi­ano at four o'clock yesterday.

She was playing the piano the whole evening.

When I came into the kitchen, mother was cooking.

She  was cooking the whole day yesterday.

We were washing  the floor in our flat from three till four yesterday.

Were you  doing your homework from eight till ten yesterday?

Why was she sleeping at seven o'clock yesterday?

He was sitting  at the table the whole evening yesterday.


Presest Continuous


1. I am not making a cake now.

2. Your friends are drinking coffee at this moment.

3. Students are reading an interesting book at this moment. .

4. She is singing a song at this moment..

5. John is preparing dinner ta the kitchen now.

6. Children are running in the park at this moment..

7. She is sitting at the table and doing her homework.

8. The boy is playing football in the yard now.

9. My sister is not playing the pi­ano now.

10. He is  playing computer games now.