Помогите написать сочинение на английском на тему: "Непонимание детей родителями в семьях(Музыка, одежда и т.д.)". Можно примерно 10-15 предложений.


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A problem of misunderstanding between children and parents has been relevant for ages. Parents always argue with their kids, even the questions are the same in all the families. These problems usually occure when children become teenagers and stop listening to their mom and dad. 
The most common problem is the style. All together: the way a teen talks, dresses, hobbies, favorite music. This is called a generation gap. When our parents were young the fashion was completely different. They didn't change tastes and do not understand own kids. They can not get on with new trands and humble it. 
Teenagers start thinking that their parents are oldfashioned and nearly stop talking and spending time with them.
There is nothing unusual in these kinds of arguements and quarells. They will never disappear. 


Everybody knows that there are a lot of problems in our families, including misunderstanding between relatives and quarreling. It seems to me tI am treated badly in my family, so wmy parents and I must pay some attention to our situation.
My life is quite hard. But I hope my problem may be solved. My friend gave me a couple of advice. We should arrange a date and meet a psychologist, and, of course, bring all members of our family to his office. Everyone of us must learn how to get alone each other, how to compromise and to find the ways of getting rid of those quarrels between my brother and sister. I should make my parents listen to me, and tell them every my trouble and problem. Explain them what is wrong with me, ask them to understand my feelings.
I hope everything will get better and my family will find a compromise.  We must fight for our life and never give up!