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1.Is he standing at the window now?

2.Are you using this dictionary?

3.Why are you always interrupting people?

4. What are you waiting for?

5. Are you going along the street?

6.Is the machine approaching to the gate?

7.Are you sitting at the first table?

8.Is John playing in the garden?

9.Are the stedents writing the test?

10.Are you walking in the park now?

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Are you going to school?Yes, I am.

Is she learning English now?No she isn`t learning English.

What are you doing?I am learning English grummar rule

Are you using this dictionary?Yes,I am using this dictionary

Are you sitting at the first table ?No, I am not sitting at the first table.

Are you walking in the park now?No, I am not walking in the park.

Are you OK now?Yes I am.

Are they having a banana?Yes they they are .

 Are you going along the street?Yes I am.

Is she building a new garage?No she isn`t.