Помогите написать сочинение по англ. языку на тему "Традиционная русская одежда"


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A distinctive feature of the Russian national costume - a large number of clothing. Clothing collar and swing. Union clothing worn over the head, swing was cut from top to bottom and is fastened to the neck hooks or buttons.
Clothing nobility - Byzantine type. In the XVII century the clothing appeared borrowing from Poland: Polish coat, polish coat. To protect the national identity of the decree of August 6, 1675 attendants, the lawyer, the nobility of Moscow, residents and their servants were forbidden to wear clothes of a foreign model. 
Costumes were made nobles of expensive fabrics, using gold, silver, pearls, expensive buttons. Such clothing hereditary. Style of clothing has not changed in centuries. The concepts of fashion did not exist.
Russian national costume became less common after Peter I in 1699, banned the wearing of the national costume for all but the peasants, monks, priests, and deacons. Initially introduced Hungarian dress, and then the top-Saxon and French, camisole and underwear - German. Women should wear a German dress. With all who come to the city in the Russian dress and beard took toll: 40 cents a foot and 2 rubles a horse.