помогите написать сочинение по английскому на тему: "an important event or celebration in your family"


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New Year  is a very popular family holiday in Russia. It is celebrated on January 1.

Now all Russians don’t work from the 31th of December to the 8th of January. It is so called winter holidays.  The most popular New Year symbols is a New Year's Tree. You can see a lot of decorated trees in streets and in every house. Another popular tradition is the arrival of Father Frost and his granddaughter the snow girl. They bring in New Year presents for the good children and keep them under the New Year's Tree. Children tell poems  to get a present. The main New Year celebrations begin from night of December 31.
My  family tries to  get-together. We decorated our flat. We decorated a tree. I helped my mother to clean all flat. Then we use of fireworks and   eat delicious meals etc. We give each other presents. We play games. We drink  champagne, eat the traditional salad Olivje, listen to the New Year Speech of the President. If the weather is fine we go for a walk. All  members of my family are happy.My family  likes this holiday.