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I love spring because It's never too hot or too cold. And when it is too hot, there is always a little breeze. The sky seems to always be blue... unless it is raining but then the sky is a really nice shade of gray. If it rains, you can go dance in it and put on a swimsuit and some rain boots and call over some neighbors.All the birds are tweeting in the morning, that's the first thing i wake up to, and it makes my day off to a good start. You can sit outside and read a nice book while all the neighborhood kids play and people walk their dogs. You can open all the windows in your house, smell the freshness. I can take strolls to the park and walk around my small town with some friends. And the number 1 reason Spring is the best season is because all the flowers are blooming and all the trees and grass are green and everything is beautiful.