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"To begin with, risk is operates ( это пассив. Вспомни, как образуется, какая форма глагола чествует?)on the principle all or nothing ( вообще вся фраза написана по- русски. Ты писал о том, что риск опирается ,в основном, на все или ни на что"

В Этом предложении я хотел сказать, что риск работает по принципу "Все" или "Ничего". Если можно, как-нибудь исправьте мое предложение под такой смысл.

Основное задание во вложении.


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In our world, people are often at risk. Some people think that risk is waste of time. The others believe that it is a common part of the life and has a positive aspects. Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of taking risk.
To begin with, risk is operated on the principle all or nothing ( Если полностью переделать фразу то the risk is based on all/everything  or nothing ) Doubtless, that faith of youself will lead you to win. For example, person, which bought a some stalls, took a risk, what he could go broke. But he  became a famous billionaire, owning McDonalds.
On the other hand, we  see  how people risk their life, forgetting his family and friends. More and more people try anything from organized bungee jumping to illegally jumping off buildings. And people never feel so alive as when they are risking their life.
All in all= in conclusion we are risking every day. (It would seem that )the simplest things, like a simple trip to the store, school, college, could become a kind of risk. Nobody knows what we can expect around the corner or on the road. What would happen if we were afraid of the "trifling risks"? Would you sit at home? No, it 's impossible ... whole Our life is a risk, we don't even notice, but they are our eternal companions. Man, stop doing it, do not live a day. I personally think that risk is stimulus for fulfill your dreams.