Напишите пожалуйста 10 предложений passive voice с разными временами!!


Ответы и объяснения


Read each sentence, then make up another sentence with the same meaning using the Passive Voice in it. We hope the bad weather won't change our plans. The river separates one part of the town from the other. Do you know who discovered that island? This rude joke can hurt him, I'm afraid. Early in the morning a loud voice outside woke us up. The wind was so strong that it broke a lot of trees and bushes. We believe that we will receivethe telegram in time. 

1) Potatoes were bought yesterday.
2) Milk is sold in this shop.
3) This text has been translated.
4) A lot of money was stolen from the shop.
5) The work had been finished by six o'clock.
6) This show will be shown on TV.
7) The window was broken last week.
8) This book was written in 19th century.
9) Today lasers are used in corrective eye surgery.
10) All the trees had been planted by the middle of autum.