Короткое сообщение(10-15 предложиний) на английском о волейболе, на уровне 8го класса


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ща намутим.

Volleyball - is a popular sports team that is played all over the world..Volleyball is played only 1 big ball.There are two teams in each game, they need two score more goals than their opponents.Each team has got only 1 half  of the peach.Volleyball is played only 1 big ball. Teams are barreried by the big net . There are ( я Хз сколько там людей в команде, вставишь число сам) people in each team. Each player in the team has got his own position. The goal of each team to make the ball touch the floor of the opponent's side. 

Volleyball was created by William Morgan(USA) in 1895. As Olympic sport it had debuted in 1964.

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