Помогите написать 10 предложений НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ о любой достопримечательности для 7 класса (чтоб легко училось)


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Eiffel Tower the most recognizable architectural feature of Paris, known worldwide as a symbol of France, named after its designer Gustave Eiffel. Eiffel himself called it simply - the 300-meter tower (tour de 300 mètres).

In 2006, the tower was visited by 6,719,200 people, and its history until December 31 2007-236 445 812 people [1]. That is, the tower is the most visited [2] and most photographed [3] See the world. This symbol of Paris was conceived as a temporary structure - a tower served as the entrance arch of the Paris World Exhibition in 1889. On of planned demolition (20 years after the show) saved radio antenna tower mounted on the top - it was the era of the introduction of the radio.