помогите написать историю на тему Time Travel in the future только прошу лекгий текст


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Time Travel in the future.


I recently bought one ticket for a secret mission on a time travel machine and traveled back to the future! I saw all the new gadgets that will be available in 100 years. Also, in 20 years I saw myself driving a solar-based Ferrari at an ultrasonic speeds. I am very rich in the future! You might ask why that is and how do I know? The answer is simple: аlong with thе time travel ticket I purchased a lottery ticket, so that I could see what numbers will play in the future and did fill them in in the present. By the time I get back home I will be a milionaire! Now the story should probably be about how I will spend the money I am about to win. But that is a different story folks! The end. :)