напишите пожалусто сочинение на 20 строчек на тему "your time, energy, relationship and finances are your most valuable assets. Handiling them wisely enhances your ability to succeed "


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Not everyone is born into a family with wealth, power and influence. That simple "luck of the draw" may or may not result in success and happiness for those born into affluence. But there is one gift given to each person that can level the playing field if it is used correctly. Each person has the same 24 hours in a day. How you spend or invest that time each day is the paramount factor.

If you squander the money in your bank account, there is a high probability that you can, at some point, replace the money. If you lose a car or a home because of adverse circumstances (job loss, illness) or through poor money management of your finances, you can, at some point, buy a new car or home. Most people handle their finances responsibly and would not squander money needed to pay the mortgage or car note. And, yet, some of those very same responsible people squander the one asset that is most valuable and an asset that cannot be replaced. At the end of this day, when you lay your head on the pillow, you just spent 24 hours from your "time account". Did you use that time wisely? Or, were those hours wasted on meaningless actions and activities?

If you are a good time manager, congratulations! If time management has never seemed that important, it's not too late.

Start now to evaluate how you spend your time and learn to invest and spend your most valuable asset in meaningful and productive actions. It's simple and it is important. Treasure your time as you would a priceless asset because it is - priceless!