Please! Помогите!:)
Нужно написать маленький рассказ на английском на тему:"Мой любимый вид спорта"
Вид спорта выбирайте на ваше усмотрение.
Буду безмерно благодарна!!!:)


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I like outdoor games, including the ball. A favorite sport - it's volleyball. We used to play it in physical education classes at school. Even my friends and stretch the mesh in the yard, pick two teams and throw the ball. This lesson I like much more than sit on the bench and talk down to boredom. On the beach or in the countryside, we also love to play volleyball. However, without the grid is not as convenient. Vroeybol is ozartnaya game very interesting. I love this sport. Мы тоже недавно писали,так что вот,держи)