написать 8-10 предложений на тему чего боятся люди,фобии людей на английском


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People driven by fear. And it seems that now, more than ever, we are too many fears and let them get too much influence on our lives. This applies to everything: safety (crime and terrorism), the economy (expensive housing, unemployment, high interest rates, a bloated banking sector), the environment (lack of fresh water, energy needs, global warming), other people (an increase of the world population, religious fundamentalism) and even themselves. Politicians, as a copywriter, understands what motivates us, and so cynically use our fears, wanting to get over us power and control. We are happy to give our cherished freedoms in exchange for security police state (surveillance cameras on the streets, a full scan in airports, wiretapping and view e-mail correspondence, and other violations of civil liberties) - and all because of fear. After the terrorist attacks in the United States October 11, 2001, many of us are prepared for anything - even a violation of the laws of nature, if only to protect us from a variety of afflictions.