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на тему Как бы я провела мои каникулы если бы у меня был один милион долоров.

зарание спасибо)


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Yesterday I won 1000000 $!and i have already decided what i want to buy!First of all i want to buy a big flat in the city center!I`ll have parties there with my friends.The next step is to buy a car.I  have always wanted "Audi".It i fast and very beautiful!

My dream is to travel around Europe!I am going to buy tickets tomorrow and have a good holiday with my parents!

I also want to give some money to charity.Because children in S.Africa cant even drink and eat.I want to help them as i have some spare money.I will help my parents to end the repairing of their house and i also plan to buy a present for their comming wedding anniversery.