Придумать диалог. Вы хотите поступить на курсы иностранного языка. Позвоните на курсы и узнайте: где они находятся; каковы сроки обучения;сколько стоит обучение и что необходимо для поступления. Примите решение.


Ответы и объяснения


- Hello. Is it a language school?

- Yes. Can I help you?

- I`m calling to get information about courses in July. When does the course start?

- On the 20th of July.

- How much does the course cost?

- It depends on the course.

- I want 2 weeks course.

- It costs 200$.

- Thank you, can you tell me what papers are required?

- You need to bring passport.

- And what is the adress of the school? How can I get to school?

- It`s 9 Regent Street. You can go by bus.

- Thank you very much indeed. Goodbye.

- Goodbye.