4,5,7,8 пожалуйста) вообще его не понимаю, а завтра срочно надо сдать)


Ответы и объяснения



2.Is your friend listening to music?Yes,he is

3.Is Zoe eating lunch?No,she isn't

4.Are Alisha and Rhys doing their homework?Yes,they are

5.Is Freya reading a magazine?No?she isn't

6.Are you chating online?Yes,I am

7.Are you wearing trainers?No,I am not



2. is your friend listening to the music? yes, he is.

3. is Zoe eating lunch? no, she is not.

4. Are Alisha and Rhys doing their homework? yes, they are.

5. is Freya reading a magazine? no, she is not.

6. are you chating online? yes, I am

7. are you wearing trainers? no, I am not.


1. is wearing

2. is playing

3. have

4. does

5. am watching

6. work

7. prefer

8. don't understand

9. don't believe


1.is playing

2. doesn't like

3. know

4. wears

5. don't know

6. what are you doing?

7. I am sending

8. are you asking

9. I am telling