Answer your friend's questions.

1) Who shall Iunvite to the party?

2) Where shall we go on Sunday?

3) What shall I give you for your birthday?

4) What shall we do this evening?

5)What film shall we see?

6) What juice shall I buy for you?

7) When shall we go to the beach?

8) What food shall I take to the beach?

9) How shall we ger to the metro stadion?

10) Where shall we go after classes?

помогите ответить правильно на вопросы


Ответы и объяснения

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1) We should invite Ronald to the party.

2) We should go to the cinema on Sunday.

3) You should give me money for my birthday present.

4) We should talk to each other this evening.

5) We should watch "Sucker Punch"

6) You should buy J7 for me

7) We should go to the beach at night.

8) You should take some drinks and meat.

9) We should take a bus to get to the metro station

10) We should go to your house after classes.