помогите пожалуйста написать небольшой текст на английском языке про skateboarding, tennis, polo , чтобы это выглядело как рассказ про каждый вид спорта в виде загадки (кароче мне нужно так рассказать про каждый вид спорта не называя названия и чтобы это всем было понятно) про каждый вид минимум 8 предложений


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(skateboarding) this is not actually a sport but a hobby. it is very popular among teenagers. all you need is a board, a pair of sport shoes and plenty of free time. In some cities you can find special places designed specially for the guys who are fond of this sport. However you can do this sport only in summer and spring on the open air. In autumn its too wet and in winter its snowing.

(tennis) this sport requires a lot of time and money. The equipmrnt costs a lot. You need a basket of balls, a racket and a sports suit. but it's worth it. The sport is very challenging... (что-то не придумывается больше)

(polo) this sport is from a group of water sports. this sport has become very popular in Europe. that is why they construct pools in open air. this is a team sport. It is mostly for boys. All you need is a swimming suit and a cap. You can easily recognise if a boy does this kind of sport or no. Their bodies develop very fast, for example, their sholders grow wide. this is because this sport is hard and tiring but increases your endurance.