ПОМОГИТЕ ПРОШУ. Write sentences using the second conditional. Begin with the words in the brackets. 1. He has not got time. He wants to finish the report today. (If...) 2. I want to buy a horse. I live in a city. (I...) 3. I do not study very hard. I always fail my exams. (If...) 4. I am not very rich. I do not know the winning lottery numbers. (I...) 5. I do not have a yacht. I can not go sailing at weekends. (If...) 6. I want to do things differently. I can not live my life over again. (I...)


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1. if he had more time, he would finish the report today.

2. if i didn't live in the city, I would buy a horse.

3. if I studied harder, i would not fail my exams.

4. if i knew the winning lottery numbers, I would be very rich.

5. if i had a yacht I would go sailing at weekends.

6. if I lived my life over again, I would do things differently.