Потрібна допомога!!!

мені треба скласти по 3 речення ( +, -, ?) во всіх часових формах.


Present Simple (Present Indefinite)

Present Continuous

Present Perfect

Present Perfect Continuous


Past Simple (Past Indefinite)

Past Continuous

Past Perfect

Past Perfect Continuous


Future Simple (Future Indefinite)

Future Continuous

Future Perfect

Future Perfect Continuous

Майбутній з точки зору минулого

Future in the Past Simple (Future in the Past Indefinite)

Future in the Past Continuous

Future in the Past Perfect

Future in the Past Perfect Continuous


Ответы и объяснения


Present Simple:
Children always go to school by bus. 
Does the Earth go round the sun?
The bus doesn't leave at 7 o'clock. 

Present Continuous:
I am speaking English now.
Are they building a new house? 
He isn't writing now. 

Present Perfect:
He has composed a lot of poems. 
Has the plane just landed? 
He hasn't won more than 20 medals. 

Present Perfect Continuous:
She has been walking all morning. 
Who has been using my cup? 
I haven't been eating this apple since early morning. 

Past Simple:
He composed this poem in 1985.
Did he go to a summer camp last summer?
She didn't teach Maths for 20 years. 

Past Continuous:
I was cutting onions, when I cut my finger.
Was father sleeping, while mother was cooking?
I wasn't doing homework, when my mother came. 

Past Perfect:
When I came to the station, the train had already left.
Had he eatten all cake?
The boy was sad, because he hadn't passed his exams.